Loft Conversion

Seeking a little extra space from your home? Perhaps a loft conversion is for you... 

A majority of us will reach a time in our lives when we realise our homes have become a bit snug. Whether that's due to a growing family, needing office space or simply just due to the collection of stuff you've acquired over the years and nowhere to put it.

An easy conclusion to jump to is that moving is the only way forward. However, a loft conversion is an ideal and simpler way to gain the space you need.

Dependant on your home, a loft conversion can provide a few extra bedrooms and potentially even an extra bathroom and home office at a fraction of the cost, stress and effort of packing up and moving home.

Is my property suitable for a loft conversion?

Unfortunately, a loft conversion isn't a one size fits all solution to space issues. Here are a few checks to carry out to indicate whether a loft conversion may be suitable:

Head height - For the loft conversion to be a comfortable and practical room, there must be enough head height for a person to be able to stand up comfortably. For traditional inverted 'V' shape rafters, you'll want at least 2.2meters at the roof's highest point. If you have a trussed roof (shaped like a 'W'), you'll need at least 2.4meters.

Floor Space - A loft conversion isn't a cheap investment, so it's important to make sure the extra floor space you will be getting is worth the effort and expense.

Planning Permission - Very often planning permission is not necessary when converting your loft space. It is always worthwhile to check, however, especially if looking to extend or have anything protruding.

Features - Does your loft have anything in it that can't be removed or will be costly to move? Chimney stacks and water tanks can often obstruct the loft space and may not be an easy move.

Whilst not all homes are suitable for loft conversions, there are plenty of other options to consider when you're looking to expand your home. Give Reliance a call on 020 78 59 4172 for expert advice on how to make the most out of your home.

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