Looking to add space and value to your property? Or perhaps you're ready to create the dream home you have always wanted, no matter what your vision or budget, let's work together to make the dream a reality. If this is your first time building or renovating a home, we want to make sure it's an exciting and stress-free experience. 

Ground Floor Extentions

If you want a larger living space or possibly an eat-in kitchen that you can entertain in, ground floor extensions are the best way forward for you. Whether you are extending into your side-return, creating a wrap-around extension or a simple rear extension, ground floor extensions can add a whole new dimension to the living space in your property.


The key to these extensions is minimising the disruption in your day-to-day life. Regardless of how effective Deliveroo can be, its incredibly inconvenient to be left without a kitchen. At Reliance we believe that with constant communication and well thought through planning, the disruption that ground floor extensions can cause will be minimised and our clients can enjoy their fully operational property for as long as possible.

Loft Conversions

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of increasing the internal space within your property whilst at the same time raising the value of your property is from converting the loft space. Loft conversions have become so popular in fact that it's almost impossible in London zones 1-3 to find a house or a top floor flat where the loft space hasn’t been converted.  Personally, my favourite aspect of loft conversions is how little disruption the building works cause in the property whilst they are being carried out. It's entirely possible that with the right team of builders in place you can get through the bulk of the works within a month.


At Reliance we can oversee every aspect of the design and build process giving you as much control and flexibility as you would wish whilst always having a professional by your side to guide you in the right direction. From planning applications to party-wall agreements. From building regulations to bathroom suites. 

Design and Build 

The design of any refurbishment is essential, without a clear and correct design the build can go completely wrong. For this reason at Reliance we are dedicated to meeting with you from the very beginning to advice you and draw up plans that will work so you experience an stress-free revocation experience. With our experience in loft conversions, ground floor extensions and full refurbishments we can advice you on how to maximise your properties value and create a bespoke design that meets your requirements. 

At Reliance we have extensive experience with with working on unique style of homes and eras. We love to keep original features and it's important to us that we keep to the properties original style to ensure that extensions do not look misplaced. 

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