Structural & Layout Reconfiguration

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We often reach a time in our lives where we feel our home's layout no longer fits your lifestyle. When looking to create a space that suits your needs, a structural reconfiguration may be the answer. 


A structural reconfiguration is the change of a property's layout by removing and adding walls to create larger spaces or extra rooms within the original boundaries. 


Structural Reconfiguration to Create Extra Rooms


If you're looking to add an extra room into your home, for example, an extra bedroom or bathroom, you can divide a large room with a partition wall to create two rooms. 


Before installing a partitioning wall, ensure you have taken into consideration: 

  • Furniture layout 

  • Circulation patterns within the room

  • Room entry points 

  • Is there any dead space which can be utilised?

  • Will it add value?

  • Do I need planning permission?


Layout Reconfiguration to Create Open Plan Areas


When looking to create larger rooms or open-plan living spaces, internal walls are removed. 


Before removing any walls, you'll need to consider:

Whilst a structural & layout configuration isn't suitable for every property, there are plenty of other options to consider when you're looking to improve your home. Give Reliance Design & Build a call on 020 78 59 4172 for expert advice on how to make the most out of your home.